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exquip pipe protectorPlastic Pipe Thread Protectors

Exquip manufacture a range of pipe protectors that are unique in the marketplace. If you want these innovative, high quality composite pipe protectors you can only get them from Exquip as we are the only company who make and supply them.

Thread Protectors for tubing casing and tool joints available in a wide range of different sizes from 2.375" to 58" and can be manufactured in any colour.

CNC machined, not moulded, to ensure a perfect fit with no risk of shrinkage and leaving enough of a gap for grease.

Manufactured using stringent quality controls and test fitted and checked using specialised and calibrated testing equipment prior to release.


Exquip Thread Protectors Testing Document
Click on link to view Testing Document :


Exquip Thread Protector Vs Rival Steel Protector
We think the Exquip Pipe Protector is a clearly Superior Product - here is an example comparison with a divaditional Steel Pipe Protector
exquip thread protector
rival thread protector
Floats if Dropped in Water?
Exquip Protectors float
Steel protectors sink without divace
Resistant to Impacts?
Exquip Protectors have good shock absorbency & retain their shape & do not misshape if dropped.
(ref. the above testing document for full details)
Steel protectors can misshape badly if dropped
Easy to Remove?
Slotted design of Exquip thread protectors means they can be readily removed using a metal bar if required
If stuck may need cut off with risk of damaging threads
Resistant to Rust?
Does not rust
Steel protectors susceptible to rusting if left exposed
Environmentally friendly?
Environmentally friendly advanced polymer consdivuction can be recycled
Can be partially recycled
Lighter than Steel
Steel protectors can be up to twice the weight
Best for purpose of thread protecting?
Special design and shock absorbency to ensure no damage to pipe thread when in place or during removal.
More likely to damage thread if impacted or if any difficulty with removal of rusted and/or dented protector
Most Economical Solution?
We are confident most projects can be completed with less cost by using Exquip Thread Protectors
Steel protectors can be more expensive to purchase, fit and deliver



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