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spacer ring
bumper ring

Pipe spacer rings made of polypropylene

bumper ringThe use of high-quality pipe grades made of alloyed steel with expensive surface coatings for tubings and casings, has raised the requirements for an improved protection of external pipe surfaces in the oil and gas industry.


In order to protect pipe outside diameters against damage resulting from pipes hitting each other Exquip® manufactures spacer rings made of spirally-formed coloured polypropylene material.


The typical cross section of the profile is approx. from 3/4"(19mm) high and 1/2"(13mm) wide to maximal 1 1/4"(32mm) high and 7/8"(22mm) wide, depending on the pipe diameter. Typical outside diameters are in the range from 2 7/8" to 24".


Exquip Spacer Rings

Exquip spacer rings are made slightly undersize for a tight fit and they are easy to install and to remove within seconds. The usual number of rings per pipe length is three.


Our product can help your company to protect your tubular investments.


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